‘Big Brother 15’ review: Drama behind double eviction, McCrae the underdog

The latest -With McCrae winning the HOH position during the double elimination of “Big Brother 15” last Thursday we were worried that because he wouldn’t be able to play in the competition this week that his time in the house is coming to an end, but maybe, just maybe our new HOH was going to go against the exterminators alliance and make a final two deal with him?

Behind the scenes of the double eviction: Want to know what happened that made McCrae make the worst decision of his life and send his only ally Elissa out of the house? When he wins the HOH, Andy and Elissa go to work trying to find out which one of them flipped and voted to send Amanda out. McCrae thinks deep down that Andy is the person that flipped, but he feels that getting Elissa out because it’s what the house wants would cause the least amount of waves and might keep him around longer. Yeah vote out your only ally, that’s how you win. After winning the veto Judd plays up that Elissa knew about Helen’s plan to evict Judd the first time around and that’s why he won’t help her.

HOH: In an unexpected turn of events we were completely shocked to see Spencer with the HOH title, but we should’ve seen it coming when we saw the competition was a puzzle. Spencer may suck at almost every challenge under the sun, but the kid can do puzzles. Also there are rewards and punishments that go along with this HOH and Spencer is in charge of giving them out: GinaMarie and McCrae end up getting tied together for 24 hours, Judd gets a drill sergeant that exhausts him and Andy wins money… a whopping $94.83.

McCrae goes to work: Being tethered to GinaMarie, McCrae tries to work her over, and offers her a final two deal. She really should take it since she is the fourth person in a four person alliance and taking a final two deal is a way better idea. He calls her out on them having a four person alliance and she denies it.

Nominations: In a surprise to no one McCrae went on the block as the target and GinaMarie was the pawn this week. It will be an interesting veto competition since Spencer and Andy are terrible at winning things, GinaMarie apparently has a broken toe and Judd’s punishment has left him completely exhausted. We fully expect to see McCrae wearing the necklace.

Were you surprised to see Spencer winning the HOH? Was McCrae going on the block much of a shocker? If you are looking for more “Big Brother 15” spoilers just click here for the latest from the live feed.

Photo: CBS

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