‘The Amazing Race Canada’ preview: Who will make it to finale?

What happened? -In a way, this past episode of “The Amazing Race Canada” was both entertaining and very frustrating. It was one of those hours where you knew almost throughout that nothing that happened was really going to matter, and given that it was a “to be continued” episode rather than a non-elimination leg, this means that it matters even less. No one had to complete a Speed Bump, and given that this coming episode is starting with a travel via boat to Newfoundland, we imagine that there will be another equalizer and everything in this leg will be moot at the end of the day.

As for what happens during this upcoming leg, the biggest thing to expect is entertainment. Dogs are going to be a big part of the episode, which is always entertaining. Animals never do what you want them to, and panic attacks from humans (“my ox is broken”) make it all the more entertaining. Also, there will be teams forced to hit the streets to entertain, conflict, and people trying to lick a fish. (Seriously.)

Given that there are no more U-Turns and that this leg is strictly racing, it is pretty easy to assume that we are looking at a final three that is Jody & Cory, Jet & Dave, and Tim & Tim. Vanessa & Celina have never made themselves look like particularly strong racers, and really should just be happy to be as deep into this season as they are. However, crazier things have happened, and while we don’t see them winning this leg or the race, one of the other teams could screw up so badly that they have a shot. The lack of a Tim presence in the preview that aired after last week’s show does make us wonder.

Who do you think is going to make it into the finale? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and click here to read more news related to “The Amazing Race Canada.”

Photo: CTV

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