‘Under the Dome’ finale spoilers: Any time this couple kisses…

Take a look -Are Joe and Norrie about to stop something else completely terrible from happening? Based on their history, we wonder that almost any time that we see / hear about the couple kissing on “Under the Dome.” The most notable change that their “love” (if you really want to get melodramatic about it) has brought already is stopping a nuclear disaster that effectively saved the lives of everyone, and we really cannot imagine anything getting any more dramatic than that.

This photo comes to us courtesy of the season finale airing a week from Monday, and you have to wonder a few simple questions with it:

1. Is there some sort of even larger catastrophe coming, and they are trying to stop it with their lips?

2. Is this a moment of pure love outside of any other motivation?

3. Are we actually going to get the final payoff that we’ve been waiting for when it comes to the mini-dome story?

We can’t gauge intent, so the answers to the first two questions are not going to be coming anytime soon. As for the last one, you can at least expect some answers, and also hopefully enough to keep you satisfied for a little while. However, at the same time it is all but assured that there is going to be a cliffhanger coming at the end of this; the show has already been renewed for a season 2, which will air on CBS next summer.

Is there anything that you are hoping happens on the “Under the Dome” finale, and what do you think (if anything) is the significance of this kiss? If you want to take another look at the very last episode to air before the finale, just be sure to click here. We’ll have a full sneak peek for it online tomorrow.

Photo: CBS

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