‘Basketball Wives’ season 5, episode 3 review: Suzie stirs the pot with ‘chef’ comment

Basketball WivesLast week on “Basketball Wives” season 5 we were introduced to a new cast member in Tasha and we left off at a dinner party she was throwing in order to get to know the other ladies.

After Tami and Suzie did a little research (looking up Tasha on various tabloid sites), they learn about a rumor that her husband allegedly had a romance with their chef. Tami knows that if she asks Tasha that she will come off looking like an instigator, so Suzie decides to bit the bullet and ask. Did Tasha react well to being asked a fairly personal (and obviously painful) question about her marriage? She was cool and calm as she confirmed that the rumor about the chef was true and and that they paid off the mistress to go away.

What was really crazy about the “chef” question was that after Suzie asked the question, Tami threw her under the bus saying that it was rude for her to bring up something so personal. We were even more confused by Tami’s behavior when she later decided to talk to Shaunie about the fact that some of the women were questioning whether or not Tami was going to get along with Tasha (more or less behave herself). Tami has had a history of stirring the pot and even did so at this dinner party using Suzie as her human shield, so is it that absurd that the women might be worried about her? Also the meeting between Tasha and Tami was successful so what’s the problem? We wonder if all of Tami’s personal problems with her mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer, not being in a relationship and her daughter going off to college is throwing her off a bit.

Don’t feel too bad for Suzie, because she wasn’t going to let Tami leave her out to dry. She had lunch with Tasha and told her that she felt pressure to ask the chef question because of Tami…. boom.

Not that we don’t like Evelyn (because we do) but it was nice to catch up with the other women and see what they’ve been up to since the first two episodes were starting to feel like season 5 of “Basketball Wives” should be renamed the “Evelyn Lozada show”. We did see Evelyn talk about her relationship with Chad again, but we also saw her focus on something more positive with her birthday and her PETA ad.

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Basketball Wives”? If you missed last week’s episode and want to catch up, be sure to click the link here for a full review.

Photo: VH1

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