‘Under the Dome’ episode 11 review: Barbie is in trouble, Jim fights back

What's next? -Now that Big Jim has all of Barbie’s secrets (and his are tucked neatly away at the bottom of a lake) what is he going to do next on “Under the Dome?”

Big Jim: When Linda asked to speak with Jim down at the station he obliged telling her that while he did buy a bunch of propane off the books, there was no conspiracy to sell it to a drug dealer and that with the dome sealing them off from the world, he’s the town’s hero because of his propane. When Linda isn’t buying his story, Jim quickly puts his knowledge of Barbie’s past to good use and throws him under the bus. Jim thinks he’s good with Maxine now, but when she sees Junior she makes it clear that she will target his son if Jim gets out of line. Jim decides he needs to strike at her first.

Barbie: Now that he’s come clean to Julia about his involvement in Peter’s death things are moving forward for them… that is until Maxine shows up at her house and shoots Julia in the chest. Why did she do it? Call it pay back for saying no to her. Barbie calls Linda for help, but Joe is close by and he helps get Julia to the hospital. After a struggle they are able to stabilize Julia and Joe feels that Barbie is the monarch here to save them all. When Linda gets to Julia’s she starts to “put the pieces” together and thinks that Barbie killed Peter and Julia found out so he killed her.

Jim and Barbie: With Maxine putting the presser on both of them, they decide to work together one last time to take her down: barbie wants it taken care of peacefully, while Jim wants her dead. They confront Maxine at the cement factory and Barbie gets his wish as they take Maxine out peacefully… at first. Once outside Jim kills Maxine and then turns the gun on Barbie, but he grabs the gun from Jim and points it at him. Of course the timing of the situation could not be worse as Linda pulls up to the cement factory to find this situation. She tries to arrest Barbie, but he instead elbows her in the face and runs off.

The wrath of the dome: After figuring out that Junior was the fourth hand to unlock the mystery, he declares his love for Angie, but she tells him once and for all that not only will she never love him, but that once the dome comes down that he will never see her again. Junior tells her that he will no longer participate in any more “mini dome” related activities, because he’d rather live under a dome with her then in a world where she doesn’t exist. After this confrontation a giant storm starts brewing and Angie realizes that the dome is turning against everyone because Junior turned against them. She is able to convince him to come back to the group and the storm dissipates, but they are ready for some real answers from the dome. Using the pink starred constellations mapped out by the mini dome they find a point on the big dome where they go and touch together. They see a vision of Jim on the other side of the Dome, bleeding out from stab wounds and each of them have a bloody knife in their hand.

One thing we’ve been starting to wonder about is how everyone is still driving around and using all this gas since by now the tanks would start to be running dry. Why hasn’t anyone been conserving fuel for the cops and medical staff? Finally we saw a car run out of gas and it was nice to see them address some of their other resources running out, but the answer to that problem is electric cars.

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Photo: CBS

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