‘Big Brother 15’ review: Amanda’s crocodile tears fool no one

The latest -On the last episode of “Big Brother 15” we saw Aaryn’s epic eviction (bye bye!) and Julie Chen being a complete and total boss at the exit interview with Aaryn, but what we didn’t get to see was who won the HOH. Will Amanda and McCrae’s time finally be over or will they be in power? Let’s see what happened.

HOH: The new alliance “The exterminators” are hoping that one of them will win so they can dismantle McCranda and the odds are pretty good that one of them will snag it. So who won? It’s GinaMarie putting the exterminators in power and since Spencer and Judd came in last they were forced to wear chicken suits and this was the best 30 seconds of television all week.

The Exterminators: This alliance is still in full force and GinaMarie has made it clear to America that she knew Aaryn was Amanda and McCrae’s puppet and that she will not be playing the same sort of game.

Amanda goes to work: GinaMarie barely had a chance to breathe after winning HOH before she started getting pumped by Amanda. She told GinaMarie that the reason her bestie (Aaryn) went home was because of Elissa and that now she has the power to get revenge on her. She basically tells GinaMarie that if she puts her or McCrae up on the block that there would be two votes against her in jury and she’s playing along with Amanda, but really GinaMarie is putting them up.

Elissa goes to work: The best moment was when Elissa said that she “misses Aaryn in the house” to GinaMarie – we literally LOL’d while typing this.

Elissa vs Amanda: These two cannot stop picking at each other. Amanda trying to insult Elissa about any “surgical work” she’s had done is hysterical since Amanda is fairly plastic herself and Elissa can’t stop snickering about the idea of Amanda going up on the block against McCrae.

Damage control: McCrae tells Amanda to suck it up and play the victim, especially in front off GinaMarie, while the boys in the chicken suits tell Elissa to do the same thing (walk away from the situation.) Amanda goes to Elissa to try to smooth things over and Elissa walks away from her to stop a fight before it starts, leaving Amanda saying that she’s antagonizing her by walking away (what?). Amanda starts crying to try to get sympathy, but no one’s buying into it.

Luxury competition: Finally we have a luxury competition this season and the winner will get $10,000! After pooping balloons looking chips, Spencer found the money and once again talked about the railroad (wah wah).

Nominations: True to GinaMarie’s promise to America, she put Amanda and McCrae on the block. It was surprising to hear the complete and total defeat in McCrae. AS Dan Gheesling taught us, it’s not over until it’s over. One of them can win the veto and the other can try to talk themselves out of going home, it’s happened many times before.

Were you surprised to see GinaMarie put Amanda and McCrae on the block and do you think she made the right move? If you are looking for more “Big Brother 15” news, check out our live feed coverage here.

Photo: CBS

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