‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda threatens, everyone else ignores

The latest -Now that we are a few hours removed from the “Big Brother 15” Power of Veto Competition, we at least now feel as though we have a greater sense of comfort and understanding about what happened. It was basically a competition that was similar in some ways to a knockout round, where you can force certain houseguests to get a certain number of times as a specific task.

So with that information in mind, there was a questionable sort of strategy going on during much of the challenge. Despite there being a reasonable sort of consensus that McCrae was going to be the person who needed to go out of the house this week, the houseguests routinely put up Amanda time and time again. Therefore, they basically placed her in a position where she would go out faster, and McCrae would have an easier time to win.

Now that we are at least a little bit removed from the competition, Amanda has apparently caught her second wind, and is back to what she has proven herself to be good at over the course of the competition: Threatening. Her argument to get Elissa on the block as a replacement in a conversation with GinaMarie was that she is someone who everyone wants to get out, that she doesn’t deserve to be there, and that it is the sort of big move that people admire. Of course, Amanda is well aware that getting rid of her is a big move, but she obviously doesn’t want to go home, and you have to respect that at least (even if you don’t respect her).

The Exterminators have already basically talked out the plans for the rest of the game, and realized that they have now managed to get themselves in a position where they are safe virtually no matter what happens over the next round of the game. In keeping Elissa off of the block, it helps ensure that she will target McCrae, while he will likely go after her. While either Judd or Andy could be nominees, they will likely find themselves safe in the end.

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Photo: CBS

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