‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Judd and Aaryn kiss, and he needs to clean his mouth

The latest -Last night could have been a night filled with heavily campaigning in the “Big Brother 15” house, as we knew that Aaryn had to do something if she wanted to stick around for a little while longer. So what did she do instead? Make out with Judd.

So this is all sorts of gross, and we figure that Aaryn did it for one simple reason: Trying to get Judd’s vote. Somewhere, David (remember him?) is totally like “dude … that’s nasty.” Aaryn clearly will regret this decision in probably a month’s time, probably like she will regret coming on the show when she realizes that everyone in the known world hates her. As for Judd, he’s not saving Aaryn and he knows it; he just wanted to make out with someone. Remember, this is the guy who was fighting to kick Jessie out the moment that they kissed.

What we are trying to say here is ultimately very simple: You cannot un-see something like Judd and Aaryn kissing, and it’s probably the most questionable thing the guy has done all year. It’s clearly not the most questionable thing that Aaryn has done, given her racist comments and also her and Amanda doing something involving bleach tonight that literally made us cringe. This is the sort of thing that will scar us for life, even if you couldn’t see that much of what they were actually doing. Apparently, people are actually so bored that they would think of something like this rather than talking strategy.

The vote to evict Aaryn tonight will probably be unanimous, meaning that the only drama tonight will be Julie Chen’s interview with her (which is sure to be somewhat amazing and cringe-worthy). The only interesting news is McCrae telling Judd not to work with Elissa, which he already knows about. He’s keeping her close, but his loyalty now is primarily with the Exterminators.

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Photo: CBS

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