‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Updates on Aaryn’s (likely) last night, Amanda staying awful

The latest -Tonight on “Big Brother 15’s” live feeds, we prepare for the goodbye to a person that pretty much nobody is going to miss on the feeds: Aaryn Gries. She was controversial, racist, annoying, and entitled for most of the show, and while she cleaned up her act for the past several weeks, we still do very much anticipate a bloodbath the moment that she gets out of the house.

There is really no pretending that Aaryn is staying at this point, given that she has spent the past few hours packing / begging the Diary Room for alcohol on her last night. She’s also gotten in a few more digs about Elissa to some other houseguests, including Amanda, who proceeded to try and encourage Aaryn to act violently towards her. (Remember when the show tried to make Amanda into the good guy earlier this season? That was hilarious.)

Aaryn also apparently refused to leave without making one more offensive comment, saying that her dad at home is off proclaiming at the moment that the house wanted to be politically correct and not vote out the (insert gay slur that rhymes with “deer”). And you wonder why Aaryn’s dad took back his release for the show.

Also tonight, there is planning underway for tomorrow. Andy is planning some sort of epic farewell speech, and we imagine that it will be a reasonably early night given how important tomorrow’s Head of Household Competition is. Amanda and McCrae desperately need to win it, but to be honest now is really the time for everyone to try and take it. There are so few weeks left in the game, and you need to be able to ensure survival. The only people we really feel are safe for now include Spencer and GinaMarie.

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Photo: CBS

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