‘The Mentalist’ season 6 spoilers: Simon Baker on Jane, Lisbon’s future

The latest -While we have talked quite a bit at this point about the future of “The Mentalist” in the context of the Red John mystery, there has been one element of this story that has been somewhat omitted so far: Just what this case could have on the future of Patrick Jane’s personal life.

When it comes to hookups, we know that the general sentiment of many is to ultimately see some sort of pairing between Patrick Jane and Lisbon at some point in the future beyond just the tension that is there, but will trying to solve this John case make things easier or better for them? As series star Simon Baker tells TV Guide, there is a major stress that comes out of this sort of situation, and it is the same sort of stress that any couple in a panicked situation would face:

“They care so much about each other, [but] with the stakes being ratcheted up by Red John being ever-present, it’s a pressure-cooker situation.¬†They have to lean on each other more, but it’s also going to be easy for them to blow each other’s fuse.”

The really good news here? That the Red John story is going to be resolved for sure at some point in this season, which means that the door could be open for these two to finally just get together already. Great news? We think so. The ending of Red John opens up all sorts of possibilities for the writers to explore new avenues, and a relationship is really just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to check out a quick look at “The Mentalist” season 6 via an official promo video, just pay a visit the link here. This new season starts on Sunday, September 29.

Photo: CBS

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