‘Duck Dynasty’ season 4, episode 3 review: Godwin needs a hot tub time machine

Check it out -While the “Duck Dynasty” premiere two weeks ago was emotional when it comes to its story, this week really felt like a nice little trip back to what we loved about the show to begin with: Its silliness. There was no story in here that involved how famous the Robertsons are or what’s happening on the outside world. It was simply just a fun time that really brought you back to the fact that this Duck Commander Crew is wacky, and had a big heart to boot.

Seeing Godwin front and center for his “plot,” which was all about him getting a hot tub, was great. He’s a background character that has always been entertaining, and there is nothing funnier to us than seeing him decide on buying a hot tub from a man named Squirrel in a junk yard, and then bringing it back to his house and putting it in the front lawn. Seriously. This guy has to be doing okay financially, and you put it in the front yard?

This entire story was all what we love with this show: Great humor, great characters, and also more evidence that even though Godwin is not a Robertson, he’s still family. As a matter of fact, we had so much fun watching this that we were not even that upset about Phil teaching kids how to live in the wild … again. It feels like this is basically all of his story at this point, and it happens with a varying group of kids.

So while we have had our concerns about “Duck Dynasty” coming into season 4, there is no reason to sit here and worry that the show has changed too much. While the Robertsons may be super-famous now, they and Gurney Productions still know how to make a good show.

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Photo: A&E

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