‘Big Brother 15’ review: A Zingbot, a veto and Amanda’s torture chamber

Who wants to get zinged -With Elissa in power and Aaryn and McCrae on the block in the “Big Brother ” 15 house, she hopes to break up some of the power players and shake up the game, but with the 3am alliance running the game for so long will she really be able to get her wish?

GinaMarie jumps ship: GinaMarie has been aligned with Aaryn since the beginning of the show, but she is working with Elissa now that she realizes that Aaryn is probably leaving the game. Amanda becomes suspicious that they are working together and she decides to call them out. As Amanda tries to push GinaMarie around, she pushes her right back and won’t put up with any of Amanda’s crap (which is nice to see for a change).

Is someone getting backdoored?: Amanda is afraid that if Aaryn wins veto and takes herself off that she will go up, but when asked Elissa kind of laughs in her face as she lies to her saying she won’t put her up. Elissa talks to Judd about the idea of backdooring Amanda and he’s on board. Judd sends Aaryn up to the HOH room and Elissa tries to strike up a deal with her to work together to get Amanda out. Aaryn promises that if she gets the houseguests choice chip at the veto that she will pick Judd.

The Zingbot strikes again!: We have been super excited about the Zingbot coming into the house and the first zing is from Elissa to the Zingbot… zing! When the Zinbot calls Andy a floater, he’s completely pissed off (even though he totally is). Zingbot calls GinaMarie out on being a Nick stalker, Elissa a cheap imitation of Rachel and makes fun of Amanda’s tramp stamp. It was everything we hoped for and more.

Veto: Besides, Elissa, Aaryn and McCrae we have GinaMarie, Judd, and Amanda which is the worst possible situation since she doesn’t want her playing in the veto. Aaryn picks the houseguests choice chip and she chooses Judd, staying true to Elissa and immediately Amanda is suspicious that she didn’t pick Andy (although Andy would likely take McCrae off the block if he won anyway). As Aaryn tries to explain herself to Amanda, she completely freaks out on Aaryn and she realizes that Amanda will do whatever it takes to save her and McCrae. At the veto everyone was not expecting Amanda to win since she hasn’t won anything all season, but she managed to pull out a win.

Amanda’s torture: Elissa tried to say that the house threw Amanda the veto and she calls Elissa out on crying that she lost. It starts to get really ugly when Amanda starts ripping into Elissa about how she just wasted her HOH. Amanda comes up with a plan to save Andy by bullying Elissa until she’s completely broken so that Andy can go up and console her and that way she will want to put up GinaMarie instead. We would’ve loved to have seen Elissa open the HOH door and remind her that she could be part of the jury and will need her vote to win… Amanda seems to have a plan to get to the end, but not a plan to actually win the money. SO did the plan work and did Andy’s consolation help sway Elissa’s plan to put him up?

Veto ceremony: Surprise, surprise, Amanda takes McCrae off the block (but not before saying Rachel’s famous line of “no one comes in between me and my man”) and calling Elissa trash, and we were worried that Elissa was going to put up Spencer as a pawn, but she made a good move and put Andy up as a replacement nominee.

Were you as surprised as we were that Amanda actually won something? Do you find it weird that Elissa and GinaMarie are working together? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think and if you want even more “Big Brother 15” news from the live feed, just click here.

Photo: CBS

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