‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Updates on Aaryn’s latest push (and lie to GinaMarie)

The latest -While Aaryn has not really tried too much of anything to save herself on “Big Brother 15” this week, she may now be nearing the point of desperation. She does not have very many options left when it comes to getting people to vote to save her in the game, and this latest strategy is simple and likely ineffective: Try to convince people that there are votes that will ultimately come your way.

Aaryn and GinaMarie engaged in a quick talk this afternoon, where she tried to make it appear like she could have the votes of Amanda and McCrae, but they would tell her at the last minute. We really just saw this as Aaryn grasping at straws and hoping to get a vote that could help to keep her in the game should something crazy happen … but it won’t. No one in the Exterminators alliance (Spencer, GM, and Judd) will vote out their fellow member Andy, and so it doesn’t matter what McCranda chooses to do.

All in all, though, it’s a relaxing afternoon in the house. Everyone slept pretty late, and most of the strategy talk is at a minimum given the plans being in place. There’s a relaxing pool party of sorts going on as we write this, with random chit-chat happening with just about every member of the house sitting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Even Amanda and Elissa are within feet of each other and no one has felt the need to shout random insults.

If anyone other than McCrae and Amanda wins power tomorrow night, they will likely be the two nominees. Meanwhile, one of them will probably target Elissa along with Judd, given that he is dangerous thanks to being such a popular person in the house and on the jury. We personally want to see him last, both because we like him and because he’s a nice person to have around on the feeds.

Check back after tonight’s episode for a full review, and we will hopefully have some more craziness coming tonight. For now, just click here to read our other updates, which are also posted on the right for your reading pleasure.

Photo: CBS

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