‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4B: Ian Harding reacts to reveal, teases future for Aria, Ezra

Ezra -If there was one emotion that stood out online above all others following Tuesday’s “Pretty Little Liars” summer finale, it was shock. Ezra Fitz was the good guy, the kind-hearted teacher who fell in love with Aria, and the two formed some sort of relationship together.

Now? He’s either “A” or a very prominent member of the team, and he is really driving the story forward. It’s almost interesting in a way how the guys on this show have such great opportunities to play evil; we saw it last time with Keegan Allen’s Toby, and now it is Aria’s turn to be completely devastated. While she may not know anything for now save for that “A” is apparently a guy, Ian Harding suggests to The Hollywood Reporter that things between the two are going to be much more complicated from here on out:

“This is going to be a different dynamic that plays out with whatever their relationship will be; there’s an added factor of perhaps danger or intrigue that is going to be there now. That’s an interesting turn of events because for the longest time, it was Aria with a secret — with Ezra asking ‘Who’s this ‘A’ person?’ — and now that’s kind of changed because I have a secret that she, at the moment, is not aware of.”

As for whether or not we will wake up in January and suddenly see Ezra as a good guy again, Harding teases that it certainly is not going to be so easy:

“It doesn’t strike me as a one-off. (Laughs.) I don’t think we’re going to find out in the first couple episodes back in the winter that ‘Oh yeah, sorry, I got lost!’ and then we’re back to the old I just wandered into that lair and I said, ‘Oh d**n, this isn’t Rosewood!’ Obviously they’re going to carry this story line out to whatever extent they can and it’s been a lot of fun. From what we’ve shot already, it’s been a lot of fun.”

Harding also said online after the show aired that in filming that big reveal at the end of the episode, he broke his hand when he angrily slammed the closet door open realizing that someone had figured him out.

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Photo: ABC Family

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