‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: We talk Aaryn Gries, Julie Chen as morning comes

The latest -A lazy Wednesday has begun on “Big Brother15,” and it looks like this could be the first truly boring day after nearly a full week of great excitement. Aaryn’s fate in the game was sealed the moment that Andy was nominated alongside her on the block, and to this point, we have not even seen one of the show’s token racists put up a fight. There has been little campaigning, and it also makes us feel like she thinks that she is too good to rally votes.

The only particularly notable move that Aaryn has done so far is just running around and bashing Elissa to anyone that will listen. This is something that has been done a lot this week, and it’s mostly whining since she did not do what Amanda and McCrae wanted. GinaMarie informed Elissa this morning about what Aaryn is doing trying to talk smack to Judd and Spencer, and she really did not seem to care. GinaMarie has done a pretty effective job at jumping ship here, and getting herself into another safe alliance.

What we want to spend a minute or two talking about now is something that we definitely have a great interest in: How in the world is the inevitable interview with Julie Chen and Aaryn going to go on Thursday? We know that there is going to be a rather strong demand out there to see her get completely owned on national television, but Julie has to be careful with what she can say. She cannot really ask about her losing her agency, and she has to keep some of her questions rather vague. Since they were featured on the show, though, we assume that bed-gate (since she asked Kaitlyn about it) and “go make some rice” are fair game.

Also, we’re wondering whether or not production will actually let the audience boo her as she comes out the door.

What do you want to see happen Thursday? Be sure to share below, and take a look here for the rest of our recent “Big Brother 15” coverage.

Photo: CBS

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