ABC’s ‘Castle’: Watch Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, and more in latest set of bloopers

CastleThe “Castle” season 5 DVD is going to be in stores on Tuesday, September 10, but before that, you now have an opportunity to check out some of the hilarity that unfolded for the show behind the scenes in the past year. The video below gives you six-plus minutes of glorious bloopers, and they include everyone from Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Jon Huertas, and the rest of the cast laughing at themselves over some of their mistakes.

We don’t want to ruin every single funny moment in the clip, but if you want to know a few highlights before clicking, they include the following:

1. Some tender moments between Esposito and Ryan that are somewhat-touching, but mostly hilarious.

2. Nathan Fillion’s inability to keep it together after having to say the line “how big is it?”

3. Stana Katic alternating between her real personality and the tough-as-nails Beckett almost in the blink of an eye. This, ladies and gentlemen, is acting!

The truth of the matter here is that these actors are so professional and on-point at what they do that there really are not even that many bloopers in comparison to just how many episodes are actually shot during the season. It’s mostly amazing that they were able to get together as much footage as they were for this.

Then again, we admit that while we like to know that “Castle” is an efficient ship, we appreciate it when the cast does make a mistake every now and then. It reminds us one that they are human, and we love nothing more than watching this occasionally riff and goof around.

The new season of “Castle” premieres on ABC Monday, September 23. If you want to read more about Lisa Edelstein and what she is bringing to the show, click here and stay tuned for more!

Photo: ABC

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