‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Updates on Aaryn, McCrae, GinaMarie, and Amanda’s family

The latest -We’ll start this overnight “Big Brother 15” update with news that is actually relevant to the game; namely, what happened in various strategy conversations last night. None of it was necessarily a revelation, but it could be fairly important down the line in the game.

First of all, it still looks like a given that Aaryn is going to the jury house onĀ  Thursday, and she has not really made that much of an effort to stay. This is not that surprising when you think about it, mostly because Aaryn’s strategy for most of the time in the house has been to let other people approach her with ideas, and let her competition wins speak for themselves. There was a rumor from Aaryn that Elissa said she had a crush of Judd, but that was mostly just stupid and has nothing to do with the actual game.

Now in terms of the Exterminator alliance (Judd, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Andy), they have already drawn their battle lines: Get rid of either Amanda or McCrae in the event that one of them wins Head of Household, but then try to get the showmance to take out Elissa if they win Head of Household. This should be an easy trap for them to fall into, especially when you remember that Elissa is the one responsible for putting them in so much danger to begin with. It’s a good plan, and one that could work for them very easily.

Now, we turn to what’s happening out of the house, and the stories circulating online that Amanda’s family has pulled a Shelly and contacted the FBI over a series of threats that they have received. This is something that we really do not get, if it is indeed true. What benefit do we get from doing awful things to someone’s family that hasn’t done anything? Aren’t we really just putting ourselves in the same exact situation? What Amanda has done this past week is horrible, but what people are doing and saying outside of the game is not any better.

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Photo: CBS

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