‘Glee’ season 5 spoilers: Darren Criss on changes for Kurt, Blaine, and … Sue Sylvester?

The latest -Klaine fans, the “Glee” season 5 premiere is looking like it will not disappoint you. As we have been telling you for several weeks now, Kurt and Blaine are going to have a pretty significant role in the September 26 premiere. Just how significant are we talking about here? Just think along the lines of finally getting to learn not only whether or not Blaine will propose, but what Kurt is going to end up saying if he does receive a proposal.

The video below contains many interesting moments, and all of is narrated by Darren Criss as he teases that the possible proposal is going to be addressed within the two-part season premiere for the show all about the Beatles. While you may see the story talked about, we still have a hard time believing that Kurt will see Blaine down on one knee, and that he will say yes to the all-important question. Why is that ? It is really just a simple matter of the two being so young, and of Kurt and Blaine not even being in a relationship at the time in which the season premieres.

When it comes to things not related to Klaine, there is also a mention in here of Sue Sylvester not only being back … but as principal?! The biggest thing to note here is that we have already heard from Jane Lynch that Principal Figgins is still around, so this is not a case of her stealing his job or anything of the sort. We may just have a situation where there is a Vice-Principal, two principals, or him taking off on vacation for a time and Sue filling in. We really would not be shocked by any of these possibilities.

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Photo: Fox

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