‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Amanda’s ‘apology,’ and is Judd turning on Elissa?

The latest -Breaking news that surely Amanda on “Big Brother 15” would hate: She is basically so much more like Jessie than she would ever admit. Both of them had a day and a half of pure insanity in the house when they realized that not everything was going to plan, and then they eventually circled back and realized that this was a terrible move for their game.

Therefore, we had a sort-of apology on Amanda’s front last night for some of the insanity that she caused to Elissa in the house, and everything was made sort-of okay. By this, what we are talking about is that the two are probably not going to be as distant over the next few days. It really doesn’t change anything else in that we still expect the two parties to be targets for each other in the event that one of them rises into power. The only other thing we wonder? Whether or not Amanda will act this way every time that she realizes that she is not getting what she wants in regards to nominations.

In other pressing news, the Judd / Elissa alliance is starting to look more and more like a fake alliance for one simple reason: The two really did not communicate about what the other person wanted effectively. Plus, there is also the new Exterminators alliance, and that has risen to the top of his priority list. This is a time now where everyone wants to win Head of Household, and while they all think that McCranda would go after Elissa before any of them (and they are right), they still do not want to deal with the possibility of one of them taking out one of their alliance members. (We imagine, for example, that Amanda would put up Judd along with Elissa.)

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Photo: CBS

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