‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Updates on Aaryn’s talk with Judd; Amanda feeling sorry

The latest -With her realizing now that her life in the “Big Brother 15” house is pretty close to coming to an end, a certain Aaryn Gries took to something this evening that she really should have done prior to making it to this point: Campaigning hard to get some people on her side after weeks of “bathing in blood.”

Her first move? Basically to blow up Andy’s game in addition to her own. In a conversation with Judd, she spilled all of the beans on the 3am Alliance, and informed him that Andy is going to continue working with McCranda in the event that he stays this week. Unfortunately for Aaryn, she does not quite realize that there is another alliance now with Andy called the Exterminators, and it includes Judd along with Spencer / GinaMarie. There were some pretty funny nicknames for possible targets that were created in the process to go along with this alliance, with Aaryn being “the tarantula” and Amanda as “the black widow.”

Aaryn has also campaigned hard to the likes of GinaMarie and McCranda some more, proving that she is not interested in going down without a fight. However, she has more or less been informed by some that she is the target, and will be leaving on Thursday.

Different sides to both Elissa and Amanda came out today, with the former being more sociable and the latter acting somewhat remorseful for terrorizing her to no end yesterday, saying that she feels bad whenever Elissa acts “nicer” to her. Granted, the damage has already been done for Amanda. While McCrae is trying to fix things, they are in a position now where if she ever wins Head of Household again, they are in big trouble.

While Tuesdays are typically boring ones in the “Big Brother” house, this week has been pretty electric. Maybe that’s a sign of good things to come.

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Photo: CBS

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