‘Under the Dome’ episode 10 review: Barbie faces off against Maxine

What's next? -Last week on “Under the Dome” we met Maxine otherwise known as big trouble for Barbie and Big Jim. Will she be able to continue to hold these “secrets” over them or will they find a way to get out from under her thumb?

The mini dome: Norrie, Joe and Angie wake up in the morning to find a caterpillar under the mini dome. They know they need to find the fourth person to unlock the secret and set off to find them, but after leaving the mini dome, Dodee creeps into the barn and uncovers it. She also puts her hand on the dome… is she the fourth person? Nope, it burns her hand and throws her to the ground. Norrie, Joe and Angie bring Dodee to the hospital and Angie asks the nurse about anyone else having seizures. Although the nurse doesn’t say a name, Angie thinks that it’s Junior. When Joe asks why she’s so upset that it’s Junior, she tells him about the kidnapping and he freaks out, but they realize that they may need to work with him. When they find Junior they bring him to the barn and they see that the caterpillar is now in a cocoon. So is Junior the fourth person to unlock the puzzle? He puts his hand on the dome and it’s a perfect fit. It releases pink stars showing them constellations all around them.

Big Jim and Barbie: They have decided to work together to find out where Maxine is staying, or at least the evidence she’s holding over them, but not before she snags Barbie to do a little dirty work for her. What is this “work”? Maxine is holding her very own “fight club” at the cement factory (much like the Governor had going on in Woodbury on “The Walking Dead”), the only catch here is that people are fighting (or bartering) for vices not needs. So what does Maxine want Barbie for? She wants him to be the main fight against another one of the people she’s blackmailing named Victor and he obliges. He tells Victor to hit him hard so that he will be the winner and he does, but Maxine sees through Barbie’s ruse. He tells her that he’s finished with her games and decides to tell Julia the truth about her husband Peter, but Julia tells him that she’s figured it out when she found Peter’s gun missing. She tells him that there can be no more lies between them if they are going to have a future together and he is relived for the first time since the dome came down.

While Barbie is with Maxine, Jim finds the house she is staying at and he meets Agatha, Maxine’s mother who quickly pulls a gun out on him. As they are talking Jim realizes that the “insurance” policy that Maxine has on him and Barbie is Agatha as she has told her all of their secrets. Jim even learns all about Barbie killing Julia’s husband and he gets the inspiration he needs to take the gun away from her and kidnap her. As he drives a way with her on his boat, she throws herself overboard, tied hands and all, but even though she screams for him to help her, he leaves her to die.

Linda: After seeing the video evidence of Duke receiving a bribe from Maxine, she snoops around and finds a key Duke had to a safety deposit box. When she finds the box there’s a memento that she gave to him as well as a confession letter saying that he sold propane to Maxine and in exchange she would never allow drugs to come into Chester’s Mill. He also outed Lester and Jim in the letter and Linda heads over to Jim’s house to confront him.

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