‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Pandora’s box paranoia; an update on Amanda

Moving on -Even though it is now nighttime in the “Big Brother 15” house, the crazy train has not arrived back at the station. Amanda has at least slightly calmed down following her tirades, and has found solace in the rulebook in order to determine what she can pull next to try and ruin Elissa’s life for the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, Elissa has arranged a basic safe haven for herself in the Head of Household room, and is going to try and avoid coming down all week if she can unless she needs something. She has claimed to Judd that she wants to quit again, which is one of those reasons why we have a hard time rooting for Elissa no matter how much we want to. She’s awesome and is going after people she needs to go after, but at the same time, we can really only tolerate one threat to quit per season.

With her being so solitary, paranoia is already setting in that there will be Pandora’s Box soon, and that Rachel will be allowed into the house in some way. Let’s be frank here: There’s no way that will happen. Rachel makes good TV, but she at this point is way too biased, and she could never be trusted to keep information away from Elissa, or bad things from the other players. This is not a slight against Rachel by any means; she’s only human, and you can only hide your true emotions so long. We still don’t think the box will come until next weekend, mostly because we don’t know where it would even go in Wednesday’s broadcast. (It usually happens in place of Have / Have-Not Competitions.)

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Photo: CBS

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