2013 MTV VMAs red carpet: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Ellie Goulding, and more arrive

The announcement -The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards have arrived … at least in red-carpet form. This pre-show has quickly proven itself over the years to be one of the more insane ones out there, and just the setting alone this time in Brooklyn made this a very different and memorable show from the ones in years past.

The purpose of this article is to just give you an impression of some of the arrivals early on in the show, whether they be somehow normal, or completely and utterly shocking.

Miley Cyrus – What is with the outfit today? This is a bizarre look with her hair looking almost like blonde horns, and while this outfit could have been far worse, we imagine that it certainly could have been far better at the same time.

Ellie Goulding – Ellie’s so shy! While her dress was sleek and classy, she seemed to have a certain amount of fear over a car coming in and running over someone in the street. Brooklyn is already turning out to be quite the chaotic place.

Robin Thicke – Always a classy interview, even if his songs are not always on the same exact level. Sometimes, they’re just awkward.

Lady Gaga – Wait, this is the same Lady Gaga who came in a meat dress? This really was not that all that shocking of an arrival. Instead, she had a black wig, shades, and didn’t go for a crazy spectacle while talking about her upcoming performance of “Applause.”

Wiz Khalifa – Only really memorable because we had some of MTV’s hosts decide to hand him a series of random garbage to prepare for the show. Wiz looked unimpressed.

Danity Kane – Wait, are we still supposed to care about Danity Kane? They literally had about thirty seconds on the show, just to announce that they were back together.

Katy Perry – What a surprise: Katy showed up in leopard print to promote her new single “Roar.”

One Direction – Yes, the “X Factor” stars are still as popular as ever, and for this show, they were surprisingly all in black. Who knew that would be such a hot color this year?

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Photo: MTV

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