‘MasterChef’ season 4 USA preview: The toughest critics of all

The latest -In the culinary world, there is nothing more difficult sometimes with dealing with children. They can often pick food they hate based on appearance, act extremely finicky about certain dishes, or really just be impossible if they are in a bad mood.

Well, these are the people that the remaining five contestants on “MasterChef” are going to have to work with, at least based on the sneak peek below from Wednesday night’s new episode. The remaining cooks are going to have to do a mystery box using ingredients picked out by the judges’ sons. Personally, we don’t see how exactly this is going to work all the way around, especially given that Graham Elliot’s son Conrad is just two and a half years old. The good news here is that Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich’s kids are all significantly older, and they know a good bit more about food. (Gordon’s son looks so much like him that it is frightening.)

As for how this will turn out, the video stops before we can see. We’re just hoping that it will be some measure of “ridiculously entertaining,” given that this is the time of the season in which you really need that feeling of getting pumped up over the show. There are only five contestants left, and they are all pretty big personalities in some ways or another. Is there a favorite? We would probably say at this point Natasha, but we think that any of them could win when you look at their overall body of work.

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Photo: Fox

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