‘The Amazing Race Canada’ preview: Brett & Holly (shocker!) continue to fight

What could happen? -We have a feeling that the following is not going to come as a surprise to anyone … at all. On Monday night’s all-new episode of “The Amazing Race Canada,” Brett & Holly are going to continue to squabble over something related to the race. As a result, we’re sure that most of the country is going to collectively groan.

The race this coming week is taking off to Iqaluit, which is the sort of incredible place that is so remote, you rarely ever see it on television. (Heck, most Americans don’t even know that it exists.) It’s also a very cold place, which is why the video below features the two working on what seems to be some sort of traditional igloo-building task. The source of the argument is very simple: Brett wants to keep at it, and Holly wants to quit and switch.

While we understand Holly’s frustration, we personally subscribe to the following “Amazing Race” rule: If you switch a detour task midway through, you may as well just eliminate yourself from the race. It rarely ever works, and instead it more often than not typically just sets you even further behind, and with little hope at all of catching up. Wanting to quit just comes out of frustration for doing something for a very long time, and not having it work like you want.

We get that many people don’t like the fighting couples, and while we don’t always want them to win, we want them around as long as possible for one simple reason: They bring the drama. You need this to spice things up, and with that, we hope these two make it to the finale. The only thing slowing them down is that they are the most inconsistent team left; they have done brilliantly at times, but also struggled mightily at others. The last thing they need is to be slowed down by arguments, since speed is not their strong suit.

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Photo; CTV

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