‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 spoilers: What comes next for Isaac and Allison?

What's next? -Relationships are complicated in just about any situation, but one that is on a TV show about werewolves where people can die at almost any second? We like to imagine that these are some of the most-complicated ones out there. This is the situation that many within the world of “Teen Wolf” face before the show is over, but specifically during the second part of season 3, Allison and Isaac are going to be in the crosshairs.

MTV has already released their first sneak peek showing what these two may be going through (in dream-sequence form, anyway) when the show returns come Monday, January 6, but speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Jeff Davis claims that one of the most intriguing things about the new season is simply seeing what happens when Scott has to handle the fact that his former girlfriend and his pal start developing an interest in taking their relationship to the next level:

“It’s not officially a thing, but it’s definitely a relationship that’s complicated. So it’s going to cause a lot of complications for people and for their own lives. I think it’s interesting to show a different kind of love triangle where it’s not necessarily the two guys fighting over one girl but what you see is one guy doing his best to let go while realizing his best friend might be in love with his former girlfriend. And his girlfriend is trying to figure out, ‘how do I date my former love’s best friend?’ Those things are interesting to me. Not necessarily the pull of jealousy. It’s about, ‘How do we make this work and still stay friends?’ That’s hard to do in high school. That’s teenagers having to start acting like adults.”

Given what these people have been through just from the standpoint of bloodshed, you think a love triangle is something that would come easy. But even if it sounds like a cliche from a romantic comedy, love never comes easy. Expect this to be an underlying thread for at least part of the upcoming season.

Who do you expect to see Allison with at the end of “Teen Wolf” season 3? We want to hear some of your thoughts below!

Photo: MTV

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