‘Doctor Who’ season 8 spoilers: Peter Jackson not directing Peter Capaldi episode … for now

The latest -While we may want to see it happen as much as the next guy, some sad news to report for now: There will not be a meeting between Peter Jackson and Peter Capaldi on the “Doctor Who” set.

Despite some massive rumors exploding all over the internet this weekend (thank the common culprit here in the British tabloids for that), the Oscar-winning director is not going to be involved, per Deadline, in an episode anytime soon. Thanks to “The Hobbit” trilogy, Jackson really has a pretty full plate over the next two years trying to make these big-budget films meet the expectations of diehard Tolkein fans. That is no easy task, especially considering just how amazing / epic the “Lord of the Rings” films truly were.

The truth here when it comes to Jackson possibly directing an episode of the series is that it could happen, but there are no plans for it to be immediate. The director (who is a life-long Whovian) has an open invitation to take on an episode whenever he sees fit. This story really dates back to Comic-Con years back, when he stated that there was some interest in making it happen. The show is certainly willing to allow celebrity fans to make their dreams come true; for example, just look at the work that famed sci-fi author Neil Gaiman has done with the series.

One possible reason for Jackson not showing up? That BBC does not have the budget to make an episode of “Doctor Who” run for three and a half hours, and really only contain about half an hour of material. (If you did not get this joke, obviously you did not see his most-recent work.)

Photo: BBC One

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