ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: The misery of Jack Porter

Revenge -It’s hard to really even dispute or deny that “Revenge” is going to start off with a depressing storyline for a certain character in Jack Porter. Just look at everything that has happened to the man! First, you get your world rocked by stunning pregnancy news, and then you end up marrying “Amanda Clarke,” the woman you supposedly have known since childhood. Everything starts off well and good, at least for a few hours, until something goes terribly wrong and she dies. (It doesn’t get more dramatic than that.)

Then, to somehow make a horrible few months even worse, he finds out that Amanda was never really Amanda at all. The real Amanda is Emily Thorne, who decided to tell him right when he was about to shoot a man in Conrad Grayson as a measure of your own revenge.

Take a deep breath. After going through all of that, do you really think that you are going to be in a tremendous mental state? We don’t imagine so, which is why Sunil Nayar (the show’s new executive producer) tells Entertainment Weekly that it is understandable that the man wanted to get away for a time:

“He has an absolute lot to synthesize for himself and, especially as a person who is so inherently moral and good, to have so much bad and betrayal enacted upon him has been a journey. And when we see him in the premiere, he’s obviously still on that journey, but also has asked himself a lot of questions and come up with answers to a few.”

As for why he even returns in the first place, Nayar also has an answer for that:

“You will get a sense of why that is. And the other thing is, there’s a real connection to the Stowaway. It’s the bar his father created and it is where the memories of those he’s loved and lost lived. It’s the one anchor he has. In some ways, it represents his past, what happened with Emily represents his present and Carl represents his future.”

Jack is clearly not the only “Revenge” character o be going through some horrible stuff this coming season. Emily VanCamp has also teased that her own Emily Thorne will be going through her own fair share of troubles soon.

Photo: ABC

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