‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: New updates on Elissa, GinaMarie, delusions, and more

The latest -Who knew that one simple move such as Judd coming back into the game would turn “Big Brother 15” on its head? This has by far been the best 24 hours on the feed in a long time, possibly even since the early stages of the season, and for a few good reasons. One, you have a member of a minority alliance in power now in Elissa; also, you have another alliance in 3am that is on the verge of cracking, and you have both Aaryn and McCrae as nominees that are on the verge of a blindside.

The first interesting thing this evening is all of the sudden GinaMarie-bashing that is happening among 3am, as they feel like she has changed her personality around almost completely since Elissa was in power. This is largely true, but they are even mad about her hugging Candice last night after Candice said “happy birthday” to her (which was a completely saintly on her part given what GM said to her out the door). They may also not realize that Elissa has a deal going with her, at least if Aaryn leaves. GinaMarie is really in a major position of power for the first time all game, as she can play a big role in who goes.

Elissa is keeping it quiet that she will probably nominate Amanda if Aaryn or McCrae end up winning the Veto, and she just needs to try and avoid that situation where Amanda somehow wins and she can take him off the block. Meanwhile, she’s also keeping it quiet about her allegiance with Judd, though she strangely put his key in first at the nomination ceremony (not a good way to hide your alliance).

Also interesting tonight: Aaryn somehow staying delusional about her status outside of the game, and not acting that concerned that neither one of her parents have signed releases to appear on the show in any way. (There’s a reason for it!)

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