ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 3 spoilers: The light at the end of Huck’s tunnel

Could it happen? -For fans of Huck on “Scandal,” nothing was more devastating than seeing the story in last season’s “7:52.” We knew already that Guillermo Diaz was a great actor, but this portrayal of a mentally unstable man, who once had everything he wanted in life, was worthy of recognition from awards shows across the board.

After watching that, it is also pretty clear that there is hope now that Huck is going to find himself back in a positive place someday … but that is going to be something that takes more than a little bit of time. As Shonda Rhimes tells TV Guide in a brand-new interview, one of the challenges that Huck will face on this upcoming season will be getting himself in a place where he could go on with this life. Is it possible? Based on the way in which she speaks, it is definitely not something that is going to happen immediately.

However, it also sounds like a smart move for now to not rule out Jasika Nicole eventually returning to the show in some capacity. The photo above makes it clear that she is still around in the present world, and Huck has to live with the fact that she is out there, and he desperately wants to still be with her. The issue is getting himself in a place not just where it can happen, but that the child is safe for every step of the journey. (At least he is being sympathetic enough to understand that.)

Some other things that you can expect when “Scandal” season 3 returns to ABC on Thursday, October 3: More tragedy courtesy of Fitz, Olivia having to deal with her father in her life, and some other interesting flashbacks to the past for various gladiators.

Photo: ABC

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