‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: The returning player, next Head of Household (live updates)

Moving on -Tonight’s “Big Brother 15” Head of Household Competition was not only intense, but there are really two competitions in one here. You have the jury member returning to the game, and then you also have the Head of Household Competition going on simultaneously. It’s possible that someone could return to the game and in power, but for now, CBS is not really throwing us a bone … as the feeds are dark. (Refresh for updates.)

7:27 Big Brother time – The feeds return, and Jessie is in the lead with three balls among the jurors. Not much has really happened since we last wrote, save for Spencer and McCrae falling off somehow.

7:30 – Elissa is in the lead overall with five balls. Jessie and Amanda each have four.

7:34 – Trivia has now resumed. Curses!

7:38 – Jessie falls off, and then yells “f*** you Amanda” as she leaves. Drop the mic, Jessie! Judd is now in the lead among jurors.

7:42 – Judd is in the lead with 4 among jurors, while Candice has three. There was also some random “fan” who came out and hilariously distracted the contestants for a minute.

8:01 – There have not been many updates, but there has not been much action. Elissa leads by six, while Judd is still the top juror with 4.

8:07 – J-U-Double-Delightful! Judd is the last juror standing after Helen and Candice drop, which means that he and the Bear Shirt are back.

8:16 – Elissa is in the lead with 7, and Judd has 5. Nobody else is really in the game right now.

8:18 – Judd is out, but he got what he really wanted out of this.

8:20 – Elissa is only two away, and then nearly falls off.

8:32 – Elissa is the winner! This makes for a great week of drama ahead. If she’s smart, she will pair up with Judd now, and the two can go very far in this game together.

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Photo: CBS

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