‘Suits’ season 3 spoilers: Finding out some answers on Rachel’s education

The latest -While becoming a lawyer came pretty easy for Mike on “Suits” (mostly thanks to him lying about going to law school), it is not exactly coming as easy for Rachel. First, she did not get into Harvard as she was so hoping to do , and now she’s having to struggle with whether or not Stanford is going to open their doors to her. As you know already, this is also a rather prestigious institution on its own, and one with strict guidelines. Meghan Markle’s character could be one of the most-qualified out there, and she could still be turned away.

Speaking to TV Guide in a new interview, executive producer Aaron Korsh had the following to say about how soon her story in regards to the school is going to take to wrap up; while you may not have an answer immediately as to her collegiate fate, it will come well before the end of this season:

“That’s going to take a little bit, as law schools do. She is going to keep pursuing this and it will build through the fall [episodes].¬†We have decided what she will do and we will answer that before the season is over. That won’t be [a cliff-hanger].”

It’s selfish, and we don’t know what it would mean for the story, but we really don’t want to see her get the gig, mostly because it could mean seeing a lot less of her on “Suits’ itself. She’s an essential part of the show at this point, and she challenges Mike in a way that Harvey and everyone else at the firm simply cannot.

While the promo here is not going to give you many answers in regards to Rachel, you can take a closer look at next week’s all-new episode.

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