‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Beginnings, returning houseguest odds, and ratings

The latest -This “Big Brother 15” update is a hodgepodge, mostly because there are a few important subjects that we want to tackle. Let’s start with the current events of the house, which are really not much of anything. Everyone is still waking up and getting ready for what is going to be a very important day. It’s Helen’s last in the house, and overnight the goal was really for Elissa to make inroads with almost everyone (save for GinaMarie and Aaryn), and for Amanda and McCrae to establish something with Spencer and Andy.

The outgoing Head of Household is probably in the worst position right now. Hardly anyone actually likes her as a person save for GinaMarie and to an extent Helen, and she’s in a two-person alliance (like McCranda) and is a competition threat. Depending on who wins tonight, she will be in big trouble. This is a good one for McCrae to win: Put up GinaMarie and Spencer (with him being aware of the plan), have one of them use the Veto, and then backdoor Aaryn. Even if you can’t do that, you still get out GinaMarie.

Playing oddsmaker – Of course, all of this could change depending on who comes back into the game tonight, and so, we’ve decided to rank the four contenders to come back in the game based on the likelihood that they are able to do so.

4. Candice – She didn’t win anything all season, and wasn’t even close most of the time. It’s a bummer, since her coming back would drive GinaMarie up the wall and ruin her birthday.

3. Jessie – She only won the Veto because of Judd, but she could be competent in some tasks if she wants to win badly enough. Sadly, we don’t think her returning does anything in the game.

2. Helen – We give her a good chance, if evicted, since she will be full of adrenaline fresh off of getting evicted. While we’d love to see her come right back and battle McCranda, we don’t want to see it if she starts going on about how she and Elissa are morally superior. (We already know that they are nicer people than some others in the house; no need to remind us all the time.)

1. Judd – Not the best competitor ever, but if it’s anything physical he has a huge advantage, and we think it will be either that or skill-based since questions are tougher to do since everyone left at different times. He would probably get sent right back out … but not necessarily. He could be a tool to turn on McCranda, if the right people realized that.

Ratings – Finally, we want to commend “Big Brother” fans. Despite this season being pretty awful, the ratings are still solid. A 2.2 for last night’s show is a good rating all things considered, and it comes close to guaranteeing that there will be more next summer, probably an All-Stars edition to keep away other possible racists.

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