‘Royal Pains’ season 5, episode 10 review: So silly (and serious) that we liked it

What's next? -For a good percentage of Wednesday night’s “Royal Pains” episode, we almost felt like we were watching a secret chapter in the “Vacation” series, with Evan Lawson starring as the new Clark Griswold stumbling his way through Italy. We had all of the classic “bad American tourist” tropes: Not understanding foreign languages properly, being oblivious to culture, and having to get in the back of a truck with animals.

This Evan story, ridiculous as it was, managed to be one of our favorites given that the entire ordeal of him even going overseas was set up by his own foolish belief that Paige had set up some elaborate scheme for his birthday. The most realistic part of the story was how Evan couldn’t really apologize while off with Divya thanks to his phone reception going in and out. Having these two characters randomly separated from the group was ultimately a nice touch; we like it when shows put together characters who don’t get to do a ton of scenes on their own, and this was nice. Plus, we’re sure that this will be no problem for Evan and Paige once it is all sorted out.

Meanwhile, we’re not so sure about Hank. The story about Molly and her cop father hit a peak this week, as did Hank’s struggles with addiction. When he gave a narcotic to her in order to ease the pain, he did something very dangerous to his own career and now, he may have to pay for it. This is a serious deal, and something that could and should land him in trouble … and we say this as a Hank fan. He’s just letting this addiction hang on, and the situation that could unfold because of it creates for a very interesting next few weeks.

This may be the first time that we have enjoyed an episode without a major Jeremiah presence all season long, but we’re still thrilled to see him coming back soon. There are some big revelations coming for him ahead, so be sure to keep watching.

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