‘Big Brother 15’ review: Elissa is a total badass

The latest -With Aaryn in power again and Helen and Elissa on the block in the “Big Brother 15” house, things are looking pretty bad for the mom squad. Helen is the target of the 3am alliance, but with Aaryn trying to keep the peace in the house she tells Helen that she’s the pawn. Will Helen continue to believe this garbage?

Dividing the mom squad: Helen completely buys the pretend alliance she has with McCrae and Andy and thinks that she has their votes if she doesn’t win the veto. She’s worried that Elissa’s negative feelings about Aaryn are going to sink her game and Amanda plays that up in front of Elissa to give her doubt about her friendship with Helen.

Veto: Besides Helen, Elissa and Aaryn, we had GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy. Helen is completely crushed that she pulled Spencer to play in the veto, because she knows that if he wins then she can’t backdoor him. Andy tells the 3am alliance that he wants to throw the veto so he doesn’t get blood on his hands. Why Andy told his alliance this and didn’t just throw the veto is beyond us, it was a real amateur move and of course his alliance got upset with him saying that he better play for it and not let Elissa or Helen win.

OTEV returns!: This season we have OTEV the love beaver, who is looking for the players to bring him love letters scattered around the yard. In the first round Elissa comes up with a great plan where she would clean off a few love letters and leave them in a pile so she will know where they are for the following rounds. Did it work? It totally worked and she won the veto. Not only that but she totally barrel rolled into the water and surpassed Helen up the ramp, knocking her out. Speaking of getting knocked out, Elissa wacked Andy’s head off a log in order to win… she was going to win no matter the cost.

Helen and Elissa get clued in: After watching Andy throw the veto, she realizes that he’s not really on her side, but she still feels confident that she can get the votes to stay. Amanda tells Elissa straight out that Helen is the target and that she’s going home in hopes that they will be closer because of Amanda’s honesty with her. Even though Amanda threatens Elissa to stop her from helping Helen stay, she finds a way to warn her anyways.

Replacement nominee: After a fight with Amanda, Aaryn is contemplating putting up Amanda when Elissa takes herself off the block. She is shocked that Amanda would talk to down to her while she is the HOH and she realizes that she is playing Amanda’s game leaving her up to her waist in blood because of it. Andy tries to talk her down from putting Amanda up, saying that she and McCrae will be loyal to them and they can’t let emotions destroy their alliance. So did she put up Amanda as Elissa’s replacement? Of course not, she was completely afraid of Amanda and put up Spencer as a pawn against Helen.

Do you think that Aaryn made the right decision putting up Spencer or would you have rather seen Amanda go up? If you are looking for more “Big Brother 15” news from the live feed just be sure to click here to get your fix.

Photo: CBS

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