‘Dexter’ season 8 spoilers: How the battle between Dexter, the Brain Surgeon heats up

What's next? -Unfortunately for Dexter Morgan, Sunday night’s episode of “Dexter” season 8 basically revealed to us a couple of very-painful truths about our serial killer: Hannah McKay has not left Miami yet, and the Brain Surgeon is not in a garbage bag at the bottom of the ocean. Not only is Zach Hamilton now dead, but this villain still has his sights set on Dr. Vogel.

Want to know who this villain is? You will learn very soon, but even when you do figure that much out, it is best to not assume that his trail of carnage is over. At least one more character this season will die at their hand, and continue to rock Dexter’s world. While we do not have that much invested in this character right now, the reality is that they are clearly the most dangerous foe to Dexter since Trinity, at least when it comes to taking out people he cares about. They are also clearly aware of who Dexter really is, since they would have not left Zach’s body in his apartment otherwise.

Hannah is certainly a suspect to be killed off, but there is another question that comes into play with her: Will Debra, or even Elway, capture her before he can have an opportunity to live out a future with her? She is clearly the character with the most weight on her right now, and even Deb’s attempts to sort out the situation and wash her hands of it have not entirely worked here.

Based on the preview for Sunday night’s new episode, some of these mysteries will be solved; meanwhile, some others could take an additional week or two before they are completely figured out.

Photo: Showtime

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