‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: Will an Oz trip happen?

What's next? -Once Upon a Time” is a show where in some ways, almost anything is up to the imagination. This allows for great stories about transporting to other worlds, royalty, romance, and of course characters that would never exist in reality … such as a Little Mermaid, or possibly a Tin Man walking arm-in-arm with a Scarecrow.

The world of “The Wizard of Oz” is something that has long been discussed as a possibility for the show. Disney clearly has some stake in the franchise already courtesy of their recent James Franco – Mila Kunis franchise (though not on the same level as “The Little Mermaid”), and this is one of the most iconic worlds out there when it comes to the universes that are within this show’s realm of possibility.

But, there has been one wrinkle introduced recently that has some wondering whether or not the dream of getting all of these characters from Oz is actually going to happen or not: Some of the other TV adaptations that are out there right now of the work. Could this play a detrimental role? The executive producers do not seem to think so, citing some other “Wonderland”-themed shows that did not see the light of day. Adam Horowitz also says (per TVLine) that the idea of exploring this universe is something that really

“We’ve always loved Oz — we’ve talked about it, we’ve hinted at it. And if and when we get to it, we have the way we want to do it. And if we’re lucky enough to be able to do it, we’ll just go our way.”

If these characters ever do venture to the land of Dorothy, one thing to definitely remember is that it’s not going to be happening during the months of the fall. The series is going to cast the focus on Neverland for at least the time being.

Photo: ABC

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