‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Helen’s big talks with Amanda, Elissa

The latest -Given that Helen pretty much knows that she is beat now on “Big Brother 15,” you have to give her at least some credit for the way that she’s going out: She’s cooled off some of her incessant talking and strategizing, and seems to be moving more towards the acceptance phase of things.

Also interesting here? That there is likely not going to be any bitterness between Amanda and Helen if the latter goes to the jury house. As awful as Amanda can be, she is very good when it comes to making sure people know where she stands, and not stabbing them in the back as they go out the door (with the exception of maybe Judd, but that was more because of a lack of opportunity). She and Helen talked this afternoon, and she told her that while Helen may deny it time and time again, she knows that she was being targeted by her in the game. While Helen didn’t fully admit to anything, she recognized that she was somewhat beat and would not hold a grudge against it in jury.

With that being said … Helen still wants to see her go, mostly so that Elissa can win. Immediately following this conversation with Amanda, Helen pleaded with her fellow Mom Squad member to get tight with Aaryn, as this is her best shot at getting far in the game given her ability to win competitions, since Andy is a rat and McCranda is tight. The problem here is that Elissa only sees things in black and white; she hates Aaryn, and would probably want to eat slop for the rest of her life before actually playing the game with her. The problem with this plan, anyway, is that Aaryn may not really need her, given that Andy and GinaMarie are already on her side, and Amanda and McCrae are getting more isolated.

Elissa, for now, seems more interested in going after Aaryn and working with Amanda, which is fine for us given that there’s no way we want to see Aaryn winning this game. Amanda’s a little easier of a target to take out, since she never wins anything.

You can read the rest of our “Big Brother 15” updates at this link, but we will close with this thought: GinaMarie woke up today after 2:00 p.m., sleeping for around 12 hours. It took her less than an hour to start bashing Candice again.

Photo: CBS

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