‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Elissa and Helen, morality police

The latest -When we watch some people in “Big Brother” take out the unlikable characters, we cheer, but when we have to sit around and listen to people complain about other people being unlikable, we boo and wish that they would do something else rather than just sit around and gripe all the time.

This is the situation that Elissa and Helen find themselves in right now. There have been opportunities to get Amanda out of the game, and these two simply chose not to take them. So where does that leave them now? Basically, sitting around and whining about the opportunities that they did not take. They’re regretting not getting her out week 2 instead of Nick, even though that would have kept the Moving Company around for a while longer.

Also, Elissa spent a good part of Tuesday morning repeatedly bashing Aaryn, and saying that Helen is wasting her time trying to change someone who has bad character. She claimed that Aaryn is the type of person that would try to steal her husband, and that something must have happened to her as a child for her to end up the way that she is. The irony here is that Elissa has less of a problem with GinaMarie, who has said her own share of nasty things over the season. We’ve said it time and time again, but if you want to win this game, you can’t always think of who is the nicer person. We just wish that everyone would find something better to do other than just talk smack about each other.

At this point want to see an Elissa Head of Household just so that she could actually do something again and shake up the game somewhat, but we don’t know if that is going to happen. (We’d also be thrilled to see an endurance.) For now, she is likely the target over the next couple of weeks if the 3am Alliance continues to stay in power.

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Photo: CBS

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