‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: When will we meet JoAnna Garcia’s Ariel?

The latest news -The casting of JoAnna Garcia as Ariel on “Once Upon a Time” is something that has excited many fans since the moment it was announced last week, and for good reason. It’s a completely different sort of character for the show, as it takes you under the sea and shows you part of that world. (We just wanted to get a couple of Disney songs stuck in your head. You’re welcome.)

So when can you except to actually see the Little Mermaid in action? Well, you’re going to have to wait a few weeks. According to TV Guide, the sixth episode of season 3 is entitled “Ariel,” and will focus more on her story. At this very moment, she is the biggest casting news for the season, which to us basically means “going to be in more than one episode.” We don’t know how long she’ll be sticking around, but what makes her a little bit more of a challenge is what sort of rules she is going to encounter for walking on land. If she’s able to just freely transition from being a mermaid to having a set of legs, that just seems rather unfair.

Also, we’re excited to see what sort of challenge the Ariel character brings to some of this shows visual artists, given that having a character under the water cannot be easy from a special-effects vantage point, especially with a TV budget.

If the first half of the season really is airing continuously, expect to see “Ariel” air on Sunday, November 3, which is right at the start of ABC’s key sweeps period. Let’s find out if giving this character a spot on the show is really going to be a ratings draw.

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Photo: ABC

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