ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ episode 10 review: Savannah makes things worse with Harry

Can things get any worse? -ABC’s “Mistresses” has been off the air for a few weeks, and it was finally back this week, but was it worth the wait? Let’s see what trouble our ladies got themselves into this week.

April: Paul goes to school to watch Lucy, and April once again tells him to stay away. When she tells Richard what happened he’s had enough and goes to Paul’s hotel, telling him that if he doesn’t leave that he’s going to get the police involved. When Richard offers Paul money to go home, he punches Richard in the face starting a fight. When April finds out she’s furious, but he tells her that she can’t ask him to be a shoulder to cry on and then get mad when he tries to help. April goes to Paul’s hotel and shares photos with him of Lucy saying that this is as close to her as he’s going to get.

Savannah: When things in the house start to break she calls Harry for help, but he tells her that she needs to start figuring out how to do these things on her own. Savvy decides to leave the office and work from home after Dominic sees she’s exhausted and later that night he comes over with some tea and the work she forgot. It seems like a bad idea, but Savvy invites him in to help her with work. As work starts to get overwhelming, Dominic suggests that they go to the mall for a break and while they are there they pick up a baby crib. When they walk in the door they find Harry in the house, coming downstairs after fixing Savannah’s leaky pipe. Even though nothing has happened between them, Harry suspects the worst and storms out.

Karen: She is under a great deal of stress after being served a lawsuit from Elizabeth over Tom’s death. Sam shows up at her office to say that he understands why things happened with his dad and that he’s tried to get his mom to back off, but it’s not working. Sam sends a high powered lawyer to help Karen and she quickly learns that Elizabeth isn’t after the money, she wants Karen’s reputation and business practice ruined. Her lawyer pushes her to make up an alibi for the night Tom died since she was home alone and she refuses. Later Sam shows up at her house and she tells him her alibi problem. He suggests that she use him and it ignites the chemistry between them… they end up in bed together.

Josslyn: Oliver asks Josslyn to accompany him on a LA adventure with prospective clients, but she’s going out on a date with Alex that same night, so she books three different play dates for him and the clients. When Alex comes down with a cold, Josslyn decides to meet Oliver and the clients. Finally Oliver and Josslyn’s working relationship changes and he sees that she has a lot to offer, but when he asks her to have a night cap with him, she refuses.

Do you think it’s a mistake for Karen to use Sam as an alibi? Can Harry ever forgive Savannah? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think is going to happen on next  week’s episode of “Mistresses”.

Photo: ABC

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