‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Helen and Elissa try to make the game into morality play

The latest -This is probably why “Big Brother 15” is such a terrible season of the show: Even the people we want to root for continue to do things that are so ridiculous that we find ourselves in a position where we really can’t. Instead, we just hold on to fond memories of the bear shirt and Nick, and how much more positive of a season it would have been if they were still here and all of the negative people in the house were gone.

Basically, Helen tried out her argument of the hour this evening, which was completely ridiculous: Keep me in the game because Elissa and I are good people, and America wants us in the game. They don’t want to watch someone walk around in their underwear (like Amanda does on a regular basis), and they think that the good guys are supposed to win in the end.

This entire ordeal was really just another nail in the coffin to Andy (the swing vote) to get her out of the game, even though he was going to anyway.

1. Helen is championing herself as a good person, which is nice. But you’re advocating getting rid of Amanda while trying to build relationships with Aaryn and GinaMarie.

2. No doubt, Amanda has done terrible things and will have to deal with it outside of the game; but in “Big Brother,” you want to take the bad people with you as long as possible.

3. Helen and Elissa have bashed Amanda repeatedly with the “bully” card, but Helen has really threatened for votes with the same sort of intent. She just does it in a sneakier way.

4. Elissa’s fighting against the racism in the house is great; Elissa acting as the arbiter for good taste is annoying.

We are mostly bummed by the way Helen’s acting because we think she is a really good player, and one of the best candidates to actually come back. It’s just that in between all of the butt-kissing and not realizing her fate until Andy more or less spelled it out for her, this has been a very bad week … and it will get worse soon, unless she manages to win her way back in the game.

Speaking of the twist, click here if you want to read some more about what the houseguests are thinking on this twist. We’ll have more on the subject in the morning. (There are also the most-recent updates available to the left of this article.)

Photo: CBS

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