‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 7 spoilers: Sheldon has a major breakthrough

The latest -Do you know how Dr. Sheldon Cooper constantly talks about how he is going to change the world of science? Well after so many years of research, he may have an opportunity to do just that on this upcoming season of “The Big Bang Theory.” He will finally discover some success, but it is his reaction to it that may be as interesting as what he discovers.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at a recent visit to the show’s set, executive producer Chuck Lorre explained in detail just what we’re talking about here:

“I’m also working on something I’m really excited about: Sheldon has a breakthrough in his work and it lifts him to another level and he has to deal with it and he’s not comfortable with it — it’s not exactly what he was hoping for. I love the idea that they’re real scientists and doing work that matters and that these guys can change the world. I never want to forget that; they’re not just hanging out.”

Basically, what we imagine happening here is that Sheldon’s breakthrough will come with a major disruption of what has become a pretty standard routine for him. While nothing is confirmed about this, we can’t imagine that Sheldon would like so many people constantly wanting to talk about him and get in his face to the point where he has no time to really continue his work, especially when they try to bring him food from the wrong Chinese place or make small talk about “Star Trek” that contains inaccurate information.

How do you think that Sheldon is going to handle having this new accomplishment in his personal life? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below!

Photo: CBS

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