‘The Amazing Race Canada’ review: Jet & Dave are hilarious human beings

What happened? -We didn’t want to love Jet & Dave on “The Amazing Race Canada” as much as we do. Usually, you want to root for the underdogs … but these guys are just hilarious. Creating a fake clue because they were so far ahead? Pretty brilliant, and it was harmless since it was immediately upon arrival in Quebec City that they did it.

The truth here is that even though there was a great equalizer during this leg, these two guys still managed to dominate the leg and finish in first place, mostly because they got off to such a big lead that they could be a little bit goofy and have fun. They won the leg by a mile, and they have to be without a doubt the favorites to win this entire competition.

Their strategy to keep Vanessa & Celina around is also smart, given that they’re not exactly the best racers in the world. At this point, they may be one of the luckiest teams ever considering how they are routinely bailed out of tough situations. They’ve received the Express Pass, and this week, they were lucky enough to also have Tim Jr. literally give them the right answer during a crepe-making competition that allowed them to get ahead. We don’t know how much it would have mattered, but they damaged themselves greatly.

So basically, Tim & Tim caused themselves to end up in last place, in our mind, just by being nice guys … and you know what they say about that. But still, they were bailed outĀ yet againĀ by a non-elimination leg. These guys and the sisters are basically the luckiest people ever, no?

In other news, Jody & Cory and Holly & Brett continued to follow each other basically the entire leg, as we learned that for two successful doctors, this later couple may have the least amount of life experience ever. They never cook, never play sports, and their only major asset this week was speaking French. It’s only appropriate that they tied.

We’re still loving this season, and that Canada is clearly proud of their country, and we’re getting an opportunity to see so much culture in just a short amount of time. Plus, casting did a great job of getting teams you want around for drama, and then ones you want around just to have them around. Next week, we’re seeing Iqaluit! Seriously, we’re excited about having these little-seen places on TV.

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Photo: CTV

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