‘Basketball Wives’ season 5 premiere review: It’s the Evelyn Lozada hour

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We have been totally excited for “Basketball Wives” season 5 to come back to VH1, especially with all of the drama that Evelyn Lozada has gone through since we last saw her on the show. We were curious how long it would take VH1 to focus their attention on Evelyn and what she went through with Chad, so let’s get to it.

Evelyn: The show wasted no time getting to Evelyn and Chad’s marriage and 41 day later subsequent divorce. She says that she found out that he was cheating on her when she saw a condom wrapper in the car which lead to a physical altercation between them. Two days after that her brother in law passed away, who has a very special place in her heart (he walked her down the aisle at her wedding). After all of this drama went down, of course the media ran rampant with stories about Evelyn and her “temper”, so she went radio silent trying to let the storm die down so she could find a proper platform to tell her side of the story. After an interview where she explained in great detail what happened to her and the situation with Chad, she met with her mom who told her that Chad had reached out to her via text (Evelyn hadn’t spoken to him at all). He apologizes to Sylvia for everything and twists what happened the night of the fight, but she stands by her daughter and Evelyn insists that he’s not telling the truth. Not only does Evelyn have the support of her mother but her daughter is standing strong for her too and she also has the support of her friends like Shaunie. Evelyn knows that Chad is not done with her and wants to find a way to work it out, but she feels that unless he works on himself there’s nothing left between them. We’ve seen a harder side of Evelyn through out other seasons of the show, so it was refreshing to see this vulnerable side of her where she shared such an emotional time in her life with everyone.

Tami: She is coming to season 5 as a single woman, and says that she is getting no financial support from her ex-husband for their two children. Not only that but the doctors have told her that she should be preparing for her mom’s final days because she isn’t getting better. This is another woman on the show that has often shown a harder side to her that gave us more of her vulnerable side as well as she talked about what a difficult year she has had.

With only 10 minutes left to the season premiere we finally saw Suzie enter the picture (we saw Shaunie briefly speaking to Tami and Evelyn, but it was really focused on their problems). Suzie reveals that she had some work done on her face and that she’s been┬ácelibate for 10 months. And that’s all we get from Shaunie and Suzie before the conversation turns to Evelyn and Chad. Some of the women hadn’t heard from Evelyn herself what happened and had only learned about the fight and cheating through the media, so they wanted to hear it first hand. She tells them that she after the fight and the shock that her marriage was over, she moved out and hasn’t been back since. Evelyn goes on to say that Chad is doing whatever he can to win her back and Tami suggests that some people deserve a second chance and that maybe they should try to work it out, but Suzie thinks that Evelyn could do a lot better and should never have to deal with a man putting his hands on her.

Do you agree with Tami or with Suzie? Do you feel that too much of the premiere focused on Evelyn? Leave us a comment and tell us what you thought of the season 5 premiere of “Basketball Wives”.

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