‘Bones’ season 9: Have some fun with Emily Deschanel, cast in new video

What's ahead -With the “Bones” season 9 premiere coming up a little earlier than most other fall shows on Monday, September 16, we don’t want to waste any time getting prepared for what’s to come. Just for the sake of getting you immersed yet again in the series’ lighthearted tone, the video below should serve as a lovely way to do that.

In this video, the likes of Emily Deschanel, David Boreanaz, and other actors all are basically seen having their definition of a grand-ol’ time surrounded by all sorts of assorted props, including some of the skulls that you see in the promotional photo above. There’s nothing in here that is going to give you any sense of the story that is coming up, but it should be a nice reminder that all of these people do genuinely enjoy going to work together, and they are not merely out to humor one another by just putting on smiley faces while secretly sending daggers at each other with their eyes.

This season has a lot to be excited about right now, even if it is rather hard to be altogether pumped about the show shifting over to Friday nights. We have the upcoming wedding between Booth and Brennan that is not going to be deterred by Pelant any longer, just as we also have an opportunity to see the show move forward and potentially find some other Big Bads to track down. While there is a sort of “what now?” feeling that could come with the primary villain being taken care of, there is also a sense of excitement that comes with not knowing.

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Photo: Fox, video via SpoilerTV

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