‘Big Brother 15’ live feed spoilers: Andy finds himself another final three deal

The latest -This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Andy is playing one of the best 3rd-place games ever in the history of “Big Brother.” He’s got a final 3 deal with Amanda and McCrae, one with Helen and Elissa, and now, you can add GinaMarie and Aaryn to the list. Basically, the only person not involved in this is Spencer, and Andy has a close bond with, as well.

The reason for Andy getting closer to both Aaryn and GinaMarie is pretty simple:  He is doing everything that he can within reason to have them evict Helen from the game on Thursday. (GinaMarie is the only one voting, but she does what Aaryn tells her to do.) What is so important about this is that it proves that the entire conversation earlier about evicting Spencer, and then trying to find a way to get Amanda out of the game soon, is basically a moot point. There is no real way for Spencer to go home so long as Andy votes out Helen, since he has both Amanda and McCrae on his side.

Helen is already reasonably aware of the plans that are in place, but don’t forget that she is probably going to continue talking and talking and talking the rest of the week, and her strategy may just be to wear down people into voting for her. Then again, she may annoy everyone so much that they evict her just for some peace and quiet. She’s got some good points in trying to play the “Amanda is a bully” card, but basically, every argument that she makes against Amanda is a reason to keep her over herself, given that people are more likely to vote for Helen in the end.

Andy has already spilled to Amanda almost everything that Helen mentioned earlier in the day, so everyone is pretty well enlightened about this crazy day. Now, a very entertaining situation could come if we end up seeing Helen come straight back in the game, and then chaos ensues.

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Photo: CBS

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