‘The Newsroom’ season 2, episode 7 preview: Can ‘News Night’ survive?

Moving on -Is “News Night” going to be over as we know it? Thanks to Operation Genoa, they’re sure going to have a hard time earning back whatever credibility that they once did. Sunday night’s new episode of “The Newsroom” was clearly one of the most dramatic of the season, as they finally showed us the steps that led to this operation making it to the air in a “Special Report,” one that drew huge ratings for ACN only to later turn out to be its undoing.

So how do the pieces start to fall apart here? We’re going to see Jerry try his best to defend his actions, saying that he was absolutely positive that his story was correct, and is absolutely flabbergasted now to see that it could turn out otherwise.

While Jerry is almost surely on the way out the moment it is discovered that he changed a second of raw footage to better support his claims, Will feels like the only other way to fix things are for both him and Charlie to step down. Even though neither one of them is the source of the story, they are the two at the top. Mackenzie was much more involved than either one of them, but once again, she had skepticism of putting this event on the air. It’s going to likely come down to a case of responsibility, and also whether or not Jerry accepts full responsibility for everything that unfolded to better protect his ACN teammates.

One thing we are sadly not going to see this coming episode? Will tossing a football at a light fixture, which is a shame, given how that was one of the greatest moments in the show’s history.

Photo: HBO

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