‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11 spoilers: The early days of Amber Tamblyn

It begins -With the addition of Amber Tamblyn on “Two and a Half Men,” the producers are taking a pretty significant risk. They are hoping yet again that longtime fans of the show will stick around despite a major change to the cast, and that was with so many of them getting so up in arms over losing Charlie Sheen.

But when it comes to seeing Tamblyn make her mark on the show, and also reminding everyone that she is the child of Charlie Harper, it is going to come rather quickly. According to E! News, by the second episode of the season we are going to be seeing Tamblyn’s character of Jenny bring a girl home, hook up with her, and then leave her at Walden’s house while she goes about her day. The apple really doesn’t fall very far from the tree here.

Given the show’s track record, we were worried that the show casting a lesbian daughter for Charlie was going to basically be the equivalent of beer commercials putting girls kissing each other on them just to get guys staring at the screen. But Tamblyn has a great resume of playing interesting characters, and she even helped out “House” at a time when people were ready to give up on it without Lisa Edelstein on the cast.

Jon Cryer has already poured on the praise for Tamblyn, saying that she has been great during some of her early work on the set in the past week. While there is still quite a bit of filming still to be done, we have to consider this very much a step in the right direction in replacing an indifferent Angus T. Jones on the show last year.

Photo: CBS

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