‘Once Upon a Time’ season 3 spoilers: The meaning of ‘Nasty Habits’

What's next? -So what is this “Nasty Habits” showing up within the world of “Once Upon a Time”? It’s not something that Henry has got himself doing while hanging out with the Lost Boys in Neverland; instead, it’s the title of the upcoming fourth episode of season 3.

So what could this be referring to? While some of the other episode titles so far (including the premiere “The Heart of the Truest Believer”) have been a little bit clearer to understand, this title (first shared on Twitter by executive producer Adam Horowitz) is not anywhere near as easy to understand. The hot rumor on Twitter right now is that this is meant to be some sort of reference to the nuns of Storybrooke, which makes a little bit of sense given that we were going to see more about the Blue Fairy and Nova this season, per some recent reports. (It has not been confirmed or even discussed publicly yet as to whether or not Amy Acker will return for the latter role.)

It makes sense that the fairies would get more of an opportunity to shine on this season, given that Tinker Bell is a major new character, and maybe there is some sort of fairy connection there. Even if this isn’t the case, another obvious theory is that there would be a need for Storybrooke to have some interesting stories still, given that the only notable characters at the moment in the city are these people, Leroy / Grumpy, Archie, Dr. Whale, Red (who is going to be limited this season thanks to Meghan Ory’s new job), and Belle.

What do you think of this title, and do you have a different interpretation of what it could be about? The first promo video for this season can be found here, even if it does not exactly reveal much in the way of information.

Photo: ABC

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